Let me at the outset humbly acknowledge the contributions of all the Directors of Human Resource Development Centre since its inception (Earlier known as Academic Staff College) in 1987 and record my appreciation for all the staff working in the HRDC who have strived to build HRDC from its foundation.

                          I feel proud to be a part of this team since 9 months. The professionalism with which the staff in HRDC functions cannot be simply be explained in words but have to be acknowledged rightfully. In the past 9 months with suggestions, guidance, support and encouragement from the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Registrar, Registrar (Evaluation), Finance Officer, the other officers of the University of all ranks and my colleagues in my department and on campus, I am working consciously to build HRDC as a Centre of Excellence in imparting knowledge and to bring out the synergy of all resource persons to build the capacity of teachers, researchers, non- teaching staff and other participants of the short term and long term orientation/refresher courses.

                          In my effort at this, the influence of UGC guidelines and the support of the UGC including the UGC staff concerned with the HDCs at New Delhi have been enormous. Toeing the lines of the elders, as a Director of HRDC, I am striving to realise the goals and aspirations set in the guidelines by the UGC.

                          In this journey of mine, I look forward for more suggestions, guidance and inputs from all my Colleagues in the University, Participants, Resource Persons, Members of LPPMC, Officers of University including Registrar and Hon’ble Vice Chancellor and assure you that a democratically performing HRDC will be built to acquire a national image and to fulfil the vision and mission it has redrawn for itself.

                          I look forward to working with every stakeholder transparently in this endeavour being accountable to them.

Thank you for all your support.

(Prof. Hairsh Ramaswamy)
Director, UGC-HRDC