It is a privilege to know that the Human Resource Development Centre (HRDC) is rehashing its website to showcase its achievements since its inception in a nutshell. The number of programmes organised by the HRDC is an indicator of HRDCs (earlier Academic Staff College) vibrancy. Thus I see HRDC is consistently making efforts to realize the goals set by the UGC in its guidelines for the year 2015.

                          Established under the able stewardship of many professors who have held the position of Director in the HRDC since inception, the HRDC undoubtedly has a strong foundation and work culture. While I appreciate the work done by these Directors, I would like to see that innovation is brought into HRDC to train the teachers, researchers, non-teaching and focused groups such as the research scholars etc to enhance their skills in the jobs they are engaged in. I want HRDC to think and work with out of box ideas. Any support in this regard to build HRDC to give it a national presence through innovation and active engagement will be encouraged during my tenure.

I look forward for its upward growth and its future as a centre of excellence in guiding all those who are the participants in this HRDC.

I wish the HRDC the very best.

(Prof. Pramod B. Gai)
Vice Chancellor