Our Vision:To inspire and educate academic scholars, young and old, and to imbue in them a thirst for knowledge, a curiosity, and a drive to work in and contribute towards their respective fields while cherishing a lifetime of open-minded learning.

Our Mission:To organize seminars, conferences, workshops, orientation and refresher courses for new academics as well as veterans to help them connect with others in their field, explore new areas and participate with fellow academics, and keep up with the frontiers of research. To help academics to keep up with modern pedagogic methods, and continuously improve their teaching skills. Further, where applicable, to bridge the gap between academia and markets and industries in their corresponding field for mutual benefit.

Our Objectives:To nurture an atmosphere where academics remain inspired to learn and teach, and become models to other academics and, above all, to society. To ensure that the university and its academics mould better students, better citizens and become public intellectuals to lead the society. To ensure that scholars of the university remain connected with their field and motivated to contribute towards it, in the process helping in the growth of humankind.

About-UGC-HRDC: The UGC – Human Resource Development Centre (earlier Academic Staff College) Karnatak University is one of the earliest staff colleges that were set up by the UGC in the year 1987. Since then, it has been actively engaged in conducting training programs to develop our precious human resource. However, its nomenclature changed in the year February 2015 as Human Resource Development Centre (HRDC). Hence, new Logo is designed for the HRDC implying its aims, objectives and goals as a Centre designed for developing for Human Resources under which certificates are issued henceforth notwithstanding the UGC logo for the same. That apart it’s Vision, Mission and Objectives have also been reframed in the light of the new UGC guidelines to state in no unclear terms that this Centre is dynamic.

                         UGC envisioned the HRDC for organizing staff development programs to provide adequate opportunities for the professional development of teachers in the higher education system within the framework of knowledge society to inculcate values, motivation and all the skills required including pedagogy. This encompasses updating of the knowledge in their specialized areas including learning ability, technology and to acquire new methods of curricular transactions.

                         Keeping in mind these, the HRDC here in Karnatak University, Dharwad has the vision of enhancing the motivational skills and knowledge of teachers through orientating them in specific subjects including teaching techniques and methodologies and thereby, inculcate in them the right kind of values which would in turn, encourage them to take initiative for innovation and creative work. To enable this, the HRDC has been striving to specially design its courses with an emphasis on innovative pedagogy, igniting creative thinking, holistic development of personality and pursuing quality research.

                         Since its inception in 1987, this HRDC has conducted 65 Orientation programs, 141 Refresher courses and 56 short term courses till date covering around 9524 teachers incurring an expenditure of around ` 7 Crore which was totally funded by the UGC. All this has been audited meticulously giving no room for suspicion. The accounts are clear and administration is transparent. The courses conducted are as per the needs of the faculty concerned, not only to upgrade their skills but also to facilitate their career advancement. This has made the HRDC the one step Centre for excellence. The dedicated HRDC staff with their genuine desire to function effectively and make a difference in the lives of participants has enabled the HRDC to conduct programs innovatively and to keep the participants healthy, happy in learning mode.